CLAVIS Online programme is designed to give you the best possible results in the shortest amount of time. The programme is for students at Danish Education 3 - DU3.

The offer includes two weekly online sessions of 75 minutes and a self-study program with a variety of online tutorials, tasks and materials. Feedback and evaluation is offered on a regular basis, and the course is concluded with a language test developed by The Ministry of Integration and Immigration.

CLAVIS Online is for students who

  • require a high degree of flexibility
  • want acces to an efficient, encouraging learning environment
  • want to learn Danish via English
  • are disciplined and can work independently
  • are capable of and willing to invest a minimum of 6 weekly hours learning Danish.

The Danish Education is free for you when you get a referral to The Danish Education by the municipality.  If you are a worktaker or a student you have to follow the conditions of the Module Unit Card "klippekort".

International employees and students, who register for the Danish Education will be charged a deposit of 1.250 kr. The full deposit will be refunded when you have passed the module test, or you can choose to have the deposit transferred to the next module. The deposit will be refunded at the latest when you have completed your Danish Education with a final exam


Department Manager
Pernille Hvalsøe Kjær
Phone: +45 22 40 29 99