Labour Market related Danish - Learn Danish fast and efficiently

IntroDanish / Labour Market related Danish is a free Danish course organized for employees, spouses, au pairs, students and cross-border commuters (with an EU/EØS or Swiss citizenship) who holds a Danish CPR number and are not registered Danskuddannelse prior to January 2014.

IntroDanish is free of charge for the target group. The course serves as a quick introduction to the Danish language with a key focus on job related Danish.

Focus and purpose
The purpose of IntroDanish is to develop basic Danish language skills in order to take a more active role on the job – both professionally and socially. IntroDanish will enable you to participate in the daily conversations at your job:

  • you will be able to small-talk with your colleagues
  • you will be able to communicate on the telephone
  • you will be able to give and receive instructions and much more – in short;
  • you will be able to get a good start.

IntroDanish comprises of 250 lessons in 5 modules of 50 lessons. The course must be completed within 18 months. 

Time and place
Lessons can take place in the morning, afternoon, evening or at weekends. CLAVIS offers IntroDanish at our departments in Roskilde, Copenhagen, Lyngby and on work places across the country.
Tuition will be organized according to your situation of employment.



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