The purpose of CLAVIS is to help people increase their language proficiency. We contribute to integration and intercultural co-existence – at workplaces, educational institutions and in society in general.


CLAVIS is an independent non-profit teaching company. We have more than 30 years of experience in teaching Danish as a second- and foreign language.


CLAVIS offers a broad range of Danish courses that can be organized according to the needs of the individual participant, company or municipality.


We offer education and consultancy support within the following areas:


  • Language training in a variety of languages
  • Danish language training for foreign workers and students
  • Danish language for foreigners in general
  • How to maintain young bilingual students in the educational system
  • Training in language, culture and work market for refugees and immigrants
  • Danish training for traumatized refugees and immigrants
  • Job seeking for foreigners
  • Intercultural competency


All teachers of CLAVIS hold a university degree or a teacher college degree, as well as a special education in teaching Danish as a second language. We offer a training program to our teachers to make sure that they keep updated with the latest research in order to offer the best teaching possible.


Welcome to CLAVIS - the key to language and competence.