What is FVU?

What is FVU and how does it benefit me? These may be questions you didn't know you needed the answer for.


Do you feel challenged in everyday life when it comes to reading, spelling, writing or calculations? It could be a work assignment or an email that needs to be written. In these cases you will benefit from a FVU course in either Danish or Math.


FVU stands for Preparatory Adult Education (Forberedende Voksenundervisning), and the basic task of FVU is to offer FREE education in reading, writing and spelling as well as math, English and IT. It's for everyone. The tuition is in Danish so it requires some danish skills. If you are strugling with Danish at your workplace or university, an FVU course can be a great idea - you can be taught in the evenings, on weekends and online, so it doesn't interfere with your daily activities.


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FVU consists of several different levels, which is why you need to take a test before you start, so you can make sure you are placed at the level that suits you best.


You can use FVU for:

  • Access to several vocational training programs
    Once you have passed FVU level 2 in mathematics and FVU level 4 in reading, spelling and writing, you can apply for vocational training. These levels are equivalent to having a 9th or 10th grade leaving certificate with a 02. However, there may be different requirements depending on the education you are applying for, so always check the requirements for the education you want.

  • Applying for a permanent residence permit
    Once you have passed FVU reading level 2, you can apply for a permanent residence permit.
    FVU is essentially Danish and mathematics education as you know it from Primary school. You will become stronger in your writing so that it is no longer difficult to write a message to others. You may also find it difficult to read fluently when reading bedtime stories to your children or helping them with math problems. FVU can help you with this too, so you can easily help your children with their homework or read the news online.

FVU is not just learning Danish, math, English or IT. It is teaching what you have forgotten or did not fully understand in Primary school.