”CLAVIS helps me get started with Danish”

”My expectations regarding CLAVIS was, that CLAVIS would help me in a direction to learn Danish. The expectations were met successfully. Overall, I got a good preparation for PD3.”

That’s how it sounds from Tobias, who originally comes from Germany. In the summer 2019 he started his Danish Education at CLAVIS Copenhagen. He was offered Danish Education at two different language schools by Copenhagen municipality. The choice of CLAVIS was simple for him:


“Because I work all day, it is very important for me that the teaching occurred after work, which means late afternoon or evening. CLAVIS was the only school of the two, who was offering evening classes, so the choice was simple,” Tobias explains and continues:


“The flexibility that CLAVIS offers to accommodate the students, is for me the best and most important: evening classes, flexible division and later also the offer of online teaching during Corona.”


Hard to understand the Danes


On a daily basis he works in a company where English is mainly spoken, which means that he doesn’t get to practice his Danish language very much:


“I don’t use danish so much in my everyday life because of that, but I can manage in most situations: grocery shopping, ordering at a restaurant, talk to the people in my sports association etc.”


Tobias explains that, some of the hardest is to understand the Danes, when they talk in everyday life – outside CLAVIS.


“It is also hard for me to translate from writing to pronunciation and listening, because many syllables, which are on the paper, I can’t hear, and many times, in my ears, there is also no clear demarcation between the words. Thus, it takes a pretty long time to learn how to hear and speak properly,” explains Tobias.


He has been happy to study at CLAVIS, and he is in no doubt that CLAVIS has helped him in the process of learning Danish.