CLAVIS – new provider of Danish Education in Aarhus

CLAVIS has been chosen to be responsible for providing Danish Education in Aarhus after a tender.

According to the employment manager in Aarhus Municipality, Vibeke Jensen, the choice was made based

on a high level of quality:


“We have chosen the provider, who had the highest grade of quality in the evaluations of all the bidders.

CLAVIS has the strongest focus on the Danish tuition preparing the students for job training and after that a

full-time job. This will make CLAVIS a strong supplement to the integration effort in the municipality where

our major priority is to ensure, that the citizens enter the job market as soon as possible. That’s the place

where integration happens,” she explains in a press release at


CLAVIS are very pleased with Aarhus Municipality emphasizing the quality of the tuition.


“CLAVIS puts a lot of emphasis on quality and cooperation, and we are therefore proud, that CLAVIS was

chosen based on quality. We are looking forward to welcoming all future students and employees in our new

department in “Smilets By”,” says Bente Meinhardt, CEO.