”I can learn Danish from all over the world!”


Pison Hugo began his Danish Education at module 1 at CLAVIS in October 2019, and today, a year later, he is at module 4 at a blended course. For him, the online course combined with the quality CLAVIS offers is very important.


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In only one year Pison have – through Danish tuition – learned so much that he can talk Danish with Danes.

“CLAVIS has prepared me to be ready to start a life in Denmark. I remember the first day, where I didn’t know any Danish words – at all,” Pison explains.


Pison receives Danish lessons at CLAVIS in regular classes but also online, for this combination he is very happy for. It gives him the opportunity to follow the Danish classes even if he is not in Denmark.


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“My best experience was with online class when I was moving between Denmark to Thailand. I worked as a cabin crew, so I travelled all over the world. Even though I could not participate in a regular class, the online class was very pleasant. I can learn Danish from all over the world.


There is a video recording if I have been absent,” Pison explains. He has received Danish lessons for a year, and this year, he has discovered, what is especially difficult, when you are learning Danish


The pronunciation is unclear

“The hardest thing is to listen to the Danes. Especially the young people when they explain or talk to each other. The conversation is fast and the pronunciation is unclear,” says Pison and continues:

“I need to practice some more, so I can keep up with their conversations. As my beautiful Danish family in law always have said: “It comes nice and easy.”


Pison Hugo has no doubt why to choose CLAVIS as your language school. If you want to join Danish lessons


CLAVIS has existed for more than 30 years. It is the guarantee for quality.”