Important (updated April 14th 2020)

The government has adopted a temporary arrangement/scheme (Bill No. 300 of 28/3 2020/Bill no. 353 of 1/4 2020/Bill no. 407 of 11/4 2020), which allows the following until May 11th 2020.


  1. Suspension/Pause of vouchers: All vouchers have been suspended until May 11th 2020
  2. Individual assessment: All students who should have submitted module tests in the period March 16th  - March 31st have now the opportunity instead of module test to have their Danish level assessed to determine whether it is sufficient to complete their current module. If you are interested please write to: by May 1. 2020
  3. Digital interviews: If you want to start Danish education as IT-supported tuition, there is a possibility of conducting digital interviews. If you are interested, please write to:  by May 1. 2020.