Online teaching provides more flexibility


Christina didn’t have much experience with online teaching and meetings. Just a little acquaintance from a previous study. Then came Corona and Zoom, online teaching and meetings became a part of the everyday life. Therefore, it is quite natural for her to log on and talk about CLAVIS as well as online tuition.


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Cristina is at her work and ready to tell. She came to Denmark from Barcelona in January 2020, and at first, she wanted to study, however, instead she found a job in a Danish startup company.


Since September 2020, she has received Danish lessons at CLAVIS. In the beginning she physically showed up for teaching at CLAVIS’ language school in Copenhagen, but Corona put an end to that in December.


However, sitting in front of a screen receiving Danish lessons has not scared her away – on the contrary:


“To be honest, online teaching provides much more flexibility in my everyday life. I was home in Barcelona for Christmas, and I ended up staying there a little longer, because I could still follow the teaching from there,” Cristina explains.


However, she would probably prefer blended learning, where physical attendance at school is combines with online teaching.  


“I really like attending the school physically, as it is also a way to meet new people. In my class we have a really nice group – even a Whatsapp group, where we are planning to meet soon. It wil be nice to put a body on the face from the screen,” Cristina says.


Avoids Google translate

As for many others, it has been a little harder to train her Danish during lockdown, even though she was still trying:


“When I was at the supermarket, I did not try to use Google translate for everything. I kind of forced myself to remember what each thing is called. And then I try in both the supermarket and in restaurants to answer in Danish,” Cristina explains and adds that she also practices with her boyfriend, where they agree that they may only speak Danish."


She points out that CLAVIS offers many different classes which makes it one of the best languages schools. This is also one of the reasons why she has recommended CLAVIS to several friends.


"I would recommend CLAVIS to others - I have already done so!"


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