Vision, mission and values

is the KEY to language and competence. We want to be renowned for our good results. 


To develop people's language skills and competencies. A common language and intercultural skills are prerequisites for successful coexistence. Contributing to this development has a positive and notable effect on both human and social life. 



  •         Responsive – we listen, understand,and act 
  •         Responsible –we acceptour responsibility as humans and as company 
  •         Value-adding –we create valuable results
  •         Innovative– we see opportunities everywhere 
  •         Cooperative – we recognize the competencies of others and see diversity as a strength.


These values ​​are CLAVIS' guiding stars. We use the values to keep our work in check and as guidelines to get even better. At CLAVIS we want to be defined by our values, and we require of ourselves to always set the bar high.