Danish between colleagues - Kollegadansk


There may be several reasons to consider Danish lessons with a focus on conversation in the company.


There are the professional aspect, as well as the social and cultural aspect.

Although your corporate language may be English, the language between colleagues during lunchtime or at the coffee machine may be in Danish. Or the email thread starting out in English turns into Danish as small talk, in professional language and in written procedures.


Danish between colleagues “Kollegadansk”
In addition to conversation, the focus is on cultural understanding - for example, the way to be polite in one culture may be considered rude in another. We also try to understand and take into account what's between the lines, which can be hard to pin down, yet can be a nuance in everyday life when cultures meet across the company.

In short, Kollegadansk is the linguistic and social element that can help bind colleagues together and create job satisfaction and productivity.


Time and place
The course takes place at your premises once a week for 3 lessons.


The price may vary according to your wishes and needs.


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Why Kollegadansk
Even if the employees don't experience language problems in the daily work, it can have an impact on the social life if they don’t feel comfortable enough in Danish. It may also affect the retention of the employees.