Individual coaching program

The individual coaching program is aimed at refugees and immigrants that need support in order to thrive at a new workplace as they might experience challenges with regards to professional or social skills, culturel differences etc.


Individual coaching is offered to all refugees or immigrants regardless of educational level, and regardless of employment; traineeships, wage subsidy jobs and ordinary employment.


Individual coaching is orientated towards job satisfaction and job retention. The coaching will revolve around e.g.:


  • Insight in the cultural and social conventions at the work place
  • Social skills such as punctuality, independency, initiating and teamwork skills
  • Understanding of management - employee relations at Danish work places
  • Communication and body language


Preliminary analysis and individual coaching plan 
The individual coaching program will be based on thorough preliminary work that includes interviews with the new employee and colleagues, and an individual coaching plan will be developed, including the objective of the program, the number of coaching sessions and a time frame.


Each coaching session will be concluded with the establishment of a plan of action that can be immediately incorporated at the work place.


Time and place
Tuition can take place in the morning, afternoon, evening or during weekends, either at CLAVIS or at the course participant's work place or private home.


The price per lesson is 950 DKK. The price for the entire program is dependent on the number of lessons agreed upon.


Bettina Nielsen

  3167 5399