Intercultural communication

For businesses

  • with foreign employees
  • with international and/or global strategies


In a globalized world, intercultural communication is a necessity and an important social skill. CLAVIS offers individual coaching in intercultural communication as well as courses and presentations.


Based on the norms, habits and values of the specific cultural context, we will demonstrate:

  • How to establish a productive dialogue between citizens, employees and young people with cultural differences
  • How common courtesy and taboos can vary greatly between cultures
  • How the world can look altered from a completely different perspective
  • How communication is not only speech but body language as well


Intercultural communication is the result of an open and equal dialogue. Hence, the basis of intercultural communication is that equality, mutual respect, openness and differences are assets.


We remove the fear of the unknown by getting familiar with it instead.


Time and place
Tuition can take place in the morning, afternoon, evening or during weekends either at CLAVIS or at the workplace.


Bettina Nielsen

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