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Do your employees need IT training?

FVU Digital is a free course for your employees who need to learn how IT works, or if they just want to be even better at handling a PC or iPad.

FVU Digital is based on IT-related tasks and needs. The employee gets a basic knowledge of the digital aids available in everyday life - both at work and at home. The employee learns how to behave online - both in terms of searching for relevant knowledge and ensuring "digital privacy". In addition, there will be training in communication via the various communication channels available on the web - including the handling of e-mails.

In general, a course in FVU Digital can lead to greater security and self-confidence at work - and to a happier working life.


The course is divided into stages and before the course starts we test the employee to ensure the right level of learning.

Step 1:
This step teaches all the basics, so no prior knowledge of IT or digital tools is required.

Step 2:
This step builds on the basic knowledge. Participants learn to handle more digital tasks such as saving and editing files.

Step 3:
In this step, participants become experienced IT users and can perform digital tasks or collaborate digitally with colleagues.


Time and place:


FVU is free for the target group. If the teaching takes place during working hours, you can apply for SVU - Statens Voksenuddannelsesstøtte. We are happy to help with the application.


Each step can be completed with an exam. Each step is 30-60 hours (clock hours). There is an exam after the last step, at the other steps you can get a grade.


Who can participate?
FVU is open to anyone over 25 years of age with a Danish social security number. If the employee is bilingual, the person must have completed Test in Danish 1, 2, 3 or be in the process of Danish Education 1 module 6, Danish Education 2 module 5-6 or Danish Education 3 module 4-5. The employee may also have acquired Danish language skills corresponding to these levels by other means.

If the employee is under 25, participation is possible if one of the following criteria is met:

  • Is self-supporting, i.e. has a job of at least 20 hours.
  • has completed upper secondary or tertiary education (including STU)
  • are in secondary or higher education (including STU) and at the same time have a need for VET that cannot be met by the general support measures otherwise offered by their education.
  • Are on maternity leave
  • Are not enrolled in FGU or have exhausted their FGU options
  • In education under the criminal justice system


FVU steps in relation to Danish language training


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