CLAVIS Copenhagen


Nørregade 49
   1165 København K.

Nørre Voldgade 94-96, 4-5th
   1358 København K.


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CLAVIS Copenhagen

In the city center of Copenhagen right by Nørreport Train and Metro Station - close to eg. Frederiksberg - CLAVIS offers classes in our two bright and cozy language centre at Nørregade 49 and Nørre Voldgade 94-96. Before and after class you can easely reach shopping facilities, city life, and an international study environment. In the breaks you will meet your peers from literally all over the world. We do have students from the entire capital area - example Frederiksberg, Lyngby, Hellerup and many other cities.

FVU/OBU: Thursday 13-15 (Annestine), NV 4., reception

DU, educational change, exam etc.: Wednesday 14-16 (Louise), NG 303

DU, Job and educational opportunities: Thursday 13-15, NG 103


Office hours at Nørregade 49

Monday 8:00 - 20:00
Tuesday 8:00 - 20:00
Wednesday 8:00 - 20:00
Thursday 8:00 - 20:00
Friday 8:00 - 12:00
Saturday 8:30 - 12:30


Free Danish Education - Learn Danish your way
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Participation - absence

If you are unable to participate in the tuition, you can call us at +45 4173 8100 or write an email to



  Danish Education DU1, DU2 and DU3
Course type:
Morning classes
Monday - Thursday
9:30 - 11:30
Day classes
Monday - Thursday
13:00 - 15:30
Evening classes
Monday - Thursday
16:45 - 19:00
Evening classes
Monday - Thursday
19:15 - 21:30
Morning classes
9:00 - 11:30
Day classes
13:00 - 15:30
Weekend classes
9:00 - 12:15
During the week
Online tuition
CLAVIS Blended
During the week
Classroom and online tuition
During the week
Classroom and online tuition
  FVU Danish and FVU Math
Course type:
Timetable for FVU-courses in Copenhagen

A good beginning

Our teachers are ready to meet you at the language school, and they are among the most competent in the country. Our number one priority is flexibility, which means we will find a class that matches your everyday life. Thus, we offer classes in the morning, afternoon, evening, online and during weekends according to your daily schedule.


Classes tailored to your needs and level

We offer the teaching you need in your specific situation. We have experience with all levels, which ensures you to attend a productive course no matter your individual needs. 


Show personal engagement 

To get the most out of the course it is important to be committed to learning. Thus, we expect that you participate actively. If you cannot make it to class, please contact us via phone: +45 41 73 81 00.

Study counselors
During the week you can drop by our study counselors if you need to talk about your progression or other subjects in general in relation to your Danish Education.


Study café
If you want to learn more Danish, practice reading, writing or pronunciation, you have the opportunity to use our study café. We have a monthly program filled with offers for our students, including teaching through mother tongues in many different languages. There will be a teacher present to guide you according to your needs. You can also meet other students, speak Danish and generally have a nice time - not only in the study café but also in our lounge.


Contact us for more information

We are always ready to answer any questions you might have about our language school in Copenhagen and our courses. Contact us via phone: +45 4173 8100 or by email



Therefore: At CLAVIS language school in Copenhagen we offer Danish education in the centre of Copenhagen where we have our Danish language school right by Nørreport Station. We also have the option of a CLAVIS language school in the area surrounding Copenhagen, where we teach at companies and at educational institutions. This means that our language school is easy to reach - regardless whether you come from Hellerup, Lyngby, Frederiksberg, Nørrebro or a fifth place.

At our Danish language school in Copenhagen - close to Frederiksberg - we have very flexible Danish classes. This means, you can choose between regular Danish lessons in a classroom setting, online classes, or in a mixed setting, which ever suits you best. In that way you have the option of both having Danish lessons in class and lessons online. Furthermore, we offer lessons in the morning, in the day time, in the evening, and on Saturdays, so it will fit perfectly into your schedule.


Read more about our services at our Danish language school in Copenhagen here.


At CLAVIS Danish language school in Copenhagen we have more than 35 years of experience in teaching Danish. Our Danish language teachers are very competent and your guarantee for the highest standard when it comes to teaching Danish as a second language. 


We are one of two public language schools in Copenhagen. Our free Danish courses at our language school in Copenhagen are officially, state approved. This means, you will get a state certified diploma when you complete our free Danish course and finish your Danish education. 


We are well located, which means that it is easy to reach to our language school - even if you live in eg. Hellerup, Lyngby or at Frederiksberg. If you work in Copenhagen you can thus easily stop by for your Danish lessons before you go home again to eg. Hellerup, Lyngby, Frederiksberg, Nørrebro or another place. 


You can read more about learning Danish for free at our public language schools here.



CLAVIS is one of the largest and most prolific language schools in Copenhagen - and in all of Denmark. Besides having a Danish language school in Copenhagen, we also operate Danish language schools in Aarhus, Roskilde, Ringsted and Holbæk. Common for all CLAVIS language schools are an operating agreement with the municipalities. This ensures, that your Danish course taken at CLAVIS language school will be state approved and in line with all official requirements set by the Danish government.



At CLAVIS Danish language school in Copenhagen – and the rest of Denmark - we have a lot of customized Danish courses. This is to ensure, that you will get a free Danish education of the highest quality and which at the same time, excactly that matches your needs.



At CLAVIS Danish language school we offer:


  • Free Danish Education
  • Lessons in DU1, DU2, and DU3. The right module for you is chosen based on your skills, when you sign up for the school.
  • Free online Danish lessons, if this suits you better.
  • Lessons in relation to the Danish Studieprøven, which you can sign up for, if you already passed the PD3 exam. With this you get access to most educations in Denmark.
  • Danish for international students where we teach either at our language school in Copenhagen or at campus.
  • Private Danish lessons are available for you at our Danish language school in Copenhagen. Perfect if you want concentrated one-to-one lessons.


All our free Danish classes and free Danish lessons are available at our Danish language school in Copenhagen. 



We are looking forward to welcoming you at the CLAVIS Danish language school at Nørregade 49 in the centre of Copenhagen!