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At our language School in Holbæk we offer free Danish Education 1, 2 & 3 and FVU. The tuition can easily be fit into your everyday life when you can choose between day, evening, Saturday or online classes. In addition to a great international and cozy study environment, you can practice your Danish in our study center.

👉  Danish Education 1, 2 & 3
👉  FVU.

You will get

⭐ Free tuition at school, online or both
⭐ Flexible classes - day, evening and weekends
⭐ Inspiring and skilled teachers

We are a state autorized language school which means that we offer the state certified Danish Education along with module and FVU test or Danish Education exam PD1, PD2, PD3.


Holbæk office hours:
Normal office hours
Monday 8.00-13.30
Tuesday 12.00-17.30
Wednesday 8.00-13.30
Thursday 8.30-17.30
Friday 8.00-12.00
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed


We also offer Danish Education and FVU at companies, Educational Institutions, in our other departments at CLAVIS  Aarhus, Ringsted, Roskilde and of course online.


Do feel free to contact us at holbæ or 41 73 81 00


Danish Education - get more information and sign up


FVU - get more information and sign up


If you are ill or otherwise prevented from joining the class, it is very important ALWAYS to register absence at CLAVIS App. If you have any problems with the App please write an email to, stating your name, department and date of birth or course number.




Expectations to your Danish Education

When you start as a student at CLAVIS Holbæk, you can have expectations to us – and we can have expectations to you. You can see here what we expect from you, and what you can expect from us at the Danish education – and as a language school in general.


What can you expect from us as a language school in Holbæk

CLAVIS is one of Denmark’s biggest providers of Danish education. We have departments in among other, Copenhagen, Roskilde and Aarhus, and have over 30 years of experience. It means that you can expect Danish teaching of highest quality. Our teachers are skilled and committed, and ready to take care of you. One of our core priorities are flexibility, as we know that to days aren’t alike. Therefore, there must be a class that fits exactly to your everyday life. We offer classes both in the morning, noon, evening, Saturday and online. Besides that, we have blended, which is a combination between classroom teaching and online.



What do we expect from you

When you start at your Danish education at CLAVIS language school in Holbæk, we expect that you are committed. It means that we expect that you meet well prepared for your class and actively participating. We also expect that you will meet up for all you test and exams. Besides that, we expect that you will call the school as soon as possible, if you will get sick or gets prevented to meet up to your class. You have to call and cancel to our administration on telephone +45 41 73 81 00.

If you need to train your danish a little bit extra, we also have a pedagogical learning center (PLC) at CLAVIS Holbæk. Here you have the possibility to improve and qualify yourself – besides the normal teaching. It could be that you want to get better in reading, listening, spelling, pronouncement or a conversation. In PLC there are always someone ready to help you. If you are in doubt that the PLC are something for you, you can always talk to either your teacher or the school’s progression supervisor about it.


Contact CLAVIS Holbæk today

We know that there can be many questions connected to a new start on a Danish Education. We are ready to help you, if you have any questions. You can call CLAVIS language school in Holbæk on telephone 41 73 81 00 or write to us on email Maybe you can also find answers to your questions on our FAQ, where we have collected the most asked questions.


Learn Danish for free at CLAVIS language school in Holbæk

CLAVIS Holbæk is a state-authorized language school which means that we can provide free Danish Education. We have an agreement with among other Holbæk municipality, that we can hold exams and tests when you are going to finish your Danish Education, and when you have succeeded your exam, you will get an approved diploma.


Danish Education which are the official designation for free Danish Education offered to foreigners who comes to Denmark. You must be entitled to Danish education in order to receive free Danish lessons at our language school in Holbæk. Contact your municipality if you are in doubt whether you can receive free Danish lessons or not.


Welcome to our language school in Holbæk. We are looking forward to meeting you.