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Danish lessons online -Roskilde, Aarhus, Ringsted or  Holbæk

CLAVIS Online is free Danish lessons designed for you that wishes to get the best result in the shortest possible time. The Danish lessons is free of charge and for students at Danish Education 3.


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Welcome to online tuition

CLAVIS offers Danish Educations at Danish Education 3 at all 6 modules. All our classes are taught by experienced and skilled online trainers.


The offer includes:

  • A total of 4 lessons of live tuition twice a week via Zoom
  • Access to CLAVIS’ learning platform with online tasks and – material
  • The possibility to watch or re-watch the recordings of the live tuition on demand


The offer is aimed students at Danish Education 3 who can work independently and practice Danish between classes.


Participation in online tuition requires:

  • That you can spend at least 5 hours per week improving your Danish skills
  • That you can learn Danish via instructions in English (and/or Danish)
  • A computer and a good quality headset
  • A fast and stable internet connection
  • You must actively participate when you join online classes. We expect you to sit in a quiet environment – and without having guests joining class.


 This offer will provide you with:

  • At module 1 & 2, we use CLAVIS 'own self-developed beginner material. In addition to a basic vocabulary and the basic grammar it will provide you with an extremely good ballast for Danish pronunciation.
  • An intensive Danish course with fast progression through the practice of four main disciplines: Oral- and written proficiency, listening- and reading comprehension.
  • Access to a learning platform with a variety of relevant materials (nice to know) as well as a specific course room with selected materials (need to know) targeting your specific level.
  • Theme-based live tuition providing you with knowledge about Danish language, society, and culture through texts, video, news, and music.



We look forward to seeing you online!



Deposit: The deposit of 2.000 DKK must be paid prior to course start. The full deposit will be reimbursed when you complete the modules with a test within a certain timeframe or when you take the final exam. Read more about rules for reimbursement of deposit.

NB! You have to pay deposit prior to course start Payment terms



Would you like to be a student?

Before you start your Danish Education at CLAVIS, we invite you to an interview in order to evaluate which of the three Danish educations and which of the six modules suits you the best. When you start at CLAVIS you will receive all relevant information and guidance regarding your Danish education – along with time frames for your tuition, module tests, exams etc.