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New online classes, CLAVIS Connect (online tuition) - DU3 - first tuition day:

Module 5: January 2020 - week 2


New CLAVIS Blended (classroom - online) - DU3 - first tuition day:

Module 1: Tuesdays and Thursdays - January 2020 - week 2


CLAVIS Online is Danish tuition designed for you that wishes to get the best result in the shortest possible time. The tuition is for students at Danish Education 2 and 3 (DU2 + DU3).

We offer three different types of online tuitions. CLAVIS Blended, CLAVIS Connect and CLAVIS Global - read more below.

Common for all our online tuition is that the teacher regularly gives feedback on assignments. The tuition can be streamed and reviewed and the course is completed with a state certified examination.

CLAVIS Online programme is for students who

  • require a high degree of flexibility
  • are disciplined and can work independently
  • can read and understand instructions in English or basic Danish
  • are accustomed to working with IT
  • are capable of and willing to invest a minimum of 6 weekly hours learning Danish.


To attend online tuition you need to have

  • a laptop / PC with headset and microphone in a good quality
  • a fast internet connection.



CLAVIS Blended

For students who want to receive both class and online tuition. Class tuition once a week - 2,5 hours (including breaks) and online tuition 90 min. once a week.


CLAVIS Connect
For students who only want to attend online tuition from work, home or maybe from abroad. Tuition twice a week 90 min. per session.


For students who want the possibility to choose between participating in person or online from work, home or abroad. Tuition twice a week  2,5 hours per session / lesson.

Read more about Danish Education, user fee, deposit and vouchers (for self-supporting residents only)

NB! You have to pay user fee and deposit prior to course start Payment terms


Afdelingsleder - CLAVIS Online
Pernille Kerstine Sofia Hvalsøe

 2240 2999

Would you like to be a student?

Before you start your Danish Education at CLAVIS, we invite you to an interview in order to evaluate which of the three Danish educations and which of the six modules suits you the best. When you start at CLAVIS you will receive all relevant information and guidance regarding your Danish education – along with time frames for your tuition, module tests, exams etc.