Payment and payment terms

Deposit, Exam and private tuition


Payment of deposit and exam fee: When you receive a collection of money from us you can make a transfer in the following ways:
• Payment by account: Reg. number: 4316 and account number: 2285606287 - Write the full name of the student
• MobilePay: Number: 93095 - Write the full name of the student
• Webshop payment: Please note that a bank fee of 2.6% is being imposed
• Payment by the counter: Please note that a bank fee of 2.6% is being imposed

Right of cancellation: Deposit payment is not subject to the right of cancellation (pursuant to §18 subsection 2 of the Danish Consumer Agreements Act [”Forbrugeraftaleloven”]).


Deposit – The Danish Education
If you are an international employee or student the language school must charge a deposit of 2,000 DKK when you sign up for Danish classes. The deposit will be charged when the municipality has approved your enrollment in the Danish Education. Only when the deposit has been payed you can begin your Danish Education.


After passing a module test, the deposit will be transferred to cover the next module, if you wish to continue your Danish Education.


Reimbursement of deposit: The full deposit will be reimbursed for example when you complete the modules with a test within a certain timeframe or when you take the final exam


Exam fee for independent students
If you are an independent student – i.e. not enrolled in the Danish Education at CLAVIS – and you wish to take the final exam on Danish Education 1, 2, or 2, The Active Citizen Exam, or the Citizenship Test, you need to pay an exam fee.


Exam fee refund: If you cancel the registration for the exam before the registration deadline, the entire fee is refunded, after the deadline your registration is binding and the fee is not refunded.



The Danish Act on Processing of Personal Data
CLAVIS protects your personal data which have been submitted in connection with the payment according to The Danish Act on Processing of Personal Data.