Vouchers for the Danish Education

– for foreign worktakers and students ect.


Foreign workers and students ect. receive six vouchers from the municipality – one voucher per module – when they start their Danish Education. A voucher represents the economical aid given by the municipality.


The time limit of the vouchers corresponds to a maximum of 3.5 years (42 months) of Danish Education with economical aid given by the municipality.


However, the validity period of the vouchers is 5 years. It is thus possible to take breaks during the 3.5 years.


Average number of months per module:


Module DU1 DU2 DU3 Max / Vouchers
1 3 mths 2 mths 2 mths 4 mths
2 3 mths 2,5 mths 2 mths 5 mths
3 4 mths 3,5 mths 3 mths 7 mths
4 4 mths 4 mths 4 mths 8 mths
5 5 mths 4,5 mths 4,5 mths 9 mths
6 5 mths 4,5 mths 4,5 mths 9 mths



If you are enrolled at a higher module than module 1 when you begin your Danish Education, you will receive the number of units equaling the remaining modules of your education.


You can take a break after you pass a module test and before you start a new one for example in case of intensive working periods or travelling abroad. We recommend that you take a break after passing the module test and before starting a new module. You need to remember to inform the administration about your break. If you want to pause in the middle of a module and before a module test you will lose the rest of your voucher. Passing a module test, stops your ongoing voucher. Your next voucher starts when you start a new module.


Module tests and vouchers
When you pass a module test, the remaining months on the voucher no longer apply. If you do not pass within the given time frame of the voucher you will only be able to continue studying by spending some of the time from the next voucher. This means that students who spend more than one voucher per module will be in lack of one or more vouchers for the last modules. A voucher represents the economical aid given by the municipality. Without this financial aid, a module costs more than the 2.000 DKK.