At this site you will find our most frequently asked questions in general or regading Danish Education and FVU. If you don't find an answer to your question, then feel free to contact our office at +45 41 73 81 00





We offer Danish education for adult foreigners, FVU Danish and FVU Math, dyslexia education and private tuition.

You can always contact one of our departments to sign up for a course. If you want to start at the Danish Education, you can contact your municipality beforehand. In order to start at the Danish Education, in most cases you need to have an interview before, and if you want to start at FVU, you need to take a test. This is to find the right class matching your level.

We have tuition in the morning, day, afternoon, evening, weekend and online. Contact us for further information to see if your class fits in to your calendar

We are a state certified language school and approved by the ministry of education to conduct examination in Danish education, the language proficiency test, the citizenship test and the indfødsretsprøven. We also conduct tests in FVU Danish and FVU Math.

We have departments in Roskilde, CopenhagenAarhus, Ringsted and Holbæk.

From July 1st. the Danish Education are free of charge. You have to pay a deposit of DKK 2000.

If you are a resident without subsidies from the government, and you want to join our Danish education, you have to pay a user fee and deposit (read more at the Danish Education). FVU courses are free of charge.

You can find our opening and tuition hours under our contact pages for each department. Roskilde, CopenhagenAarhus, Ringsted and Holbæk.

You can learn Danish in many ways. Besides class tuition, we have online tuition and a combination of regular class tuition and online. It is also possible to get tuition at your work place or at your school, however, it requires a certain amount of participants.

You can sign up at our website. Then we will obtain a referral from your municipality and get back with the information e.g. the starting date for your course.

You can join classes morning, day, early- or late evening, weekends, and we also offer online tuition at DU3. Typically, you will have to join tuition twice a week. You can find our tuition hours for each department at our contact pages.

There is ongoing enrollment at most modules and classes. You will typically be assigned a class in Danish education. 1-2 months after you signed up untill we have found you a class. The normal procedure is, that you start 1-2 months after you have signed up for a Danish Education. After the sign up you will get more information when we approach your startup. You may be called in for a short interview, to ensure that you will start in a class that matches your level.

Self supporting foreign employees and students will be charged a deposit of 2.000 DKK at the start of Danish Education. The full deposit will be reimbursed for example when you complete the modules with a test or when you take the final exam. Read more about the rules for reimbursement of deposit.

The Danish Parliament has decided that it is the municipalities who have to determine whether you will get your entire deposit back.

Yes, you can pay for your Danish tuition – both as class tuition and private – in these cases the prices will vary. The price for a lesson goes from 105 kr. Contact your department for more information.

You can take a break after you pass a module test and before you start a new module, for example in case of intensive working periods or travelling abroad.

We are state certified and approved by the ministry as an exam and test holder – we can lead our students all the way to the exam and test. That way you don’t have to change language center, but take the exam or test with the teachers you know and feel comfortable with.

You can pay at our website, via mobile pay, online banking or at our administration office.

If there is room in another class, we may be able to transfer you. Ask your study secretary or a supervisor at CLAVIS.

You can attend FVU Danish and FVU Math or OBU dyslexia education

Before you can start at FVU, you have to take a test, so we ensure that we will find exactly the class that matches your level. In order to take the test you have to book an appointment with one of our FVU-consultants. See here which consultants are in the department you want to receive tuition in.


It is also possible to get tuition at your work place or at your school, however, it requires that, there are enough participants for a class.

We have continuous enrollment, so it is possible to start when it suits you. Contact us for more information.

You can join tuition morning, day, evening or Saturday. Typically, you will have to receive tuition twice a week, unless you choose tuition on Saturdays. Check our contact pages for more information about scheduled classes and opening hours.

FVU-courses are free of charge. If you get tuition during your working hours, your employer can apply for SVU.

FVU is for everyone, above the age of 25.

Yes you can. You have to talk to one of our FVU-consultants.


Yes, you can take the exam in FVU Danish and FVU Math at CLAVIS.

Yes, you can. If you want to change your class, then you have to talk with one of our FVU-consultants at CLAVIS. Together we will find a class, which matches your level, as well as a place for tuition, that fits you the best.