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  • Do you want to learn Danish fast and have fun while learning?
  • Do you want to sound like a Dane when you speak Danish?
  • Are you ready to work hard?


Then Fast Track Danish is the way for you to learn Danish for free.  With our unique teaching method combined with extensive homework you will quickly learn how to communicate in Danish.

Finish your Danish Education within 18 months.
The Danish Education DU3 consist of 5 modules before you will be ready for the official Prøve i Dansk 3. If you follow our program with no breaks you’ll be ready for the test within a year and a half and Studieprøven within two years.

Our study program offers you:

  • Flexibility: You have show up for classes twice a week. The rest of your Danish acquisition, you can do wherever and whenever it suits you thanks to our unique online study program.
  • Fast progression: We know what it takes to learn to speak Danish fast and well. We have selected the exercises and instructions that will enable you to learn fast and efficiently.
  • Focus on pronunciation: A good pronunciation is the key to successfully speaking Danish with Danes. And our philosophy is this: anyone can learn to speak Danish with no or hardly any accent.

Classes with high homogeneity
We ensure that all students in your class has the same level. In that way you will learn Danish with students whose level and progress match your own.

What do we expect from you?

  • Time and discipline: This course is only for students who has the time and the discipline to work up to 12 hours per week to prepare for class. Our teaching method is based on memorization and repetition and it presupposes that you have the time and actually want to put a lot of effort and dedication into your homework.
  • Presence in class: To learn Danish fast and well you must show up at classes. Our teaching method is so intensive that you cannot be absent more than twice during a level. If you are absent more than twice you will repeat the level and that way your progression will be slower.
  • A good English level: The beginner classes are in English. Our teachers will give you a thorough introduction to pronunciation and grammar in Danish, so your English must be sufficient enough to understand these instructions.
  • Practice Danish: We also expect you to practice your Danish outside School. Actively using what your have learned is a prerequisite for rapid progression.

If the above appeals to you and you can meet our requirements we would be happy to have you onboard.




Deposit: The deposit of 2.000 DKK must be paid prior to course start. The full deposit will be reimbursed when you complete the modules with a test within a certain timeframe or when you take the final exam. Read more about rules for reimbursement of deposit.

Vouchers: Foreign employees and students will be assigned to a Vouchers system with one voucher pr. module.

NB! You have to pay deposit prior to course start Payment terms




Afdelingsleder - Fast Track Danish
Steen Birkelund Steensberg

 5379 5399

Would you like to be a student?

Before you start your Danish Education at CLAVIS, we invite you to an interview in order to evaluate which of the three Danish educations and which of the six modules suits you the best. When you start at CLAVIS you will receive all relevant information and guidance regarding your Danish education – along with time frames for your tuition, module tests, exams etc.