Free Danish Education

Roskilde - Copenhagen - Aarhus


From July 1st. the Danish Education became free of charge, which means that you will no longer be charged a user fee of 2.000 DKK pr. module. You still have to pay a deposit prior to course start.


CLAVIS offers Danish Education to all foreign newcomers. CLAVIS ensures that you will be offered the Danish Education that suits you the best – either DU1, DU2 or DU3.



Learn Danish your way

We have various range of Danish Education and tuition morning, day, evening, saturday and online. Find your own way here.



Private tution
If you are no longer entitled to join the Danish Education. You can pay for the lessons. You have to pay for the entire course before course start. Please contact your department for more information.


From July 1st, 2020 the user fee for the Danish Education has been removed. That means you can sign up for free. Please notice that the Danish Education is only free of charge in language schools which has a supply agreement with municipalities.

CLAVIS has an agreement with Roskilde, Copenhagen and the City of Aarhus. In Roskilde and Aarhus we are the only public language school, but in Copenhagen we share the supply agreement with another vendor.

The full deposit will be reimbursed for example when you complete the modules with a test within a certain timeframe or when you take the final exam. Read more about the rules for reimbursement of deposit.

The Danish Parliament has decided that it is the municipalities who have to determine whether you will get your entire deposit back.

If you have already paid a deposit of 1.250 DKK you will only need to pay the difference of 750 DKK before you start your next module.

You can for example pay the deposit of 750 DKK via Mobile Pay on 93095 or bank transfer on reg. No: 3326 account: 2285606287. In order to match your payment with the 1.250 DKK you already have paid, please remember to register your full name and date of birth on the payment.

If you have paid the user fee of 2.000 DKK and started your Danish Education BEFORE July 1st, then unfortunately you can not get the user fee back. However, you do not pay for your next modules.

Foreign employees and students will be assigned to a vouchers system with 6 vouchers - one voucher per. module. Each unit is planned with an educational right up to 3½ years corresponding to a maximum of 42 months. You can read more about the Vouchers system here.


In order to participate in the Danish Education you must:

  • be more than 18 years old
  • live in Denmark
  • have a CPR number
  • have the right to free Danish Education - you can check with your municipality.

With the status of:

  • employee
  • student
  • accompanying spouse
  • border commuters from an EU / EEA country
  • au pair

Many people are signing up for the Danish Education at the moment. This affects our normal response time. We therefore kindly ask you to be extra patience.

We will return to you as soon as possible with a date for an interview.