Medical Danish

CLAVIS offers Danish lessons which focus on authentic material from the work place, working environment, and relevant topics of conversation. This will lead to a high level of progression.


Purpose and focus 
The purpose of these lessons is to prepare the employee to work in the Danish healthcare system. It focuses on pronunciation, correctness, and communication with colleagues, patients, and relatives - both orally and written.


Course contents
The lessons will be organised to match the student's qualifications and job requirements and will be combined with the ordinary, financed module divided Danish lessons. "Sundhedsdansk Online" (Medical Danish online) will primarily take place through an online platform, however, classroom teaching at the workplace may also occur.


Medical Danish online
The teaching takes place twice a week for two lessons (two hours). It is possible to teach several people at different locations at the same time through "Sundhedsdansk Online". We use an online platform which makes it possible to follow classes remotely and even work in minor groups. In addition, the lessons can be recorded, saved, and replayed at a later time.


FVU is free of charge. Your employer can apply for SVU (Statens Voksenuddannelsesstøtte) as financial compensation for the work hours that you will spend at the FVU course.


Sundhedsfaglig sprogkonsulent
Karen Gammelgaard Jensen

 41 73 81 12