Registration and start

If you would like to learn Danish at CLAVIS you can contact your local municipality or your local state employment office (Jobcenter). They will refer you to Danish Education DU1, DU2 and DU3 at CLAVIS. You also have the opportunity to contact CLAVIS directly or use the sign up form below. Upon referral we will invite you for a personal interview. In order to determine the tuition plan that suits your current level as well as your needs. 


You can begin learning Danish soon after the referral and personal interview.


Danish language course 
There are different requirements for signing up for Danish language courses. Read more about Danish Education DU1, DU2 and DU3 


Danish module overview


CLAVIS offers a broad range of Danish modules and Danish Educations. Get a quick overview.




A good start at CLAVIS


To get the best possible start at CLAVIS and the best results out of your Danish language lessons, Below is an overview of what to expect from CLAVIS and what CLAVIS expects from you as a student.


You can expect:


  • To begin learning Danish immediately
  • To receive high quality tuition
  • To participate in classes that meet your requirements
  • To follow a schedule that fits your personal programme
  • To be offered a test wheniver you are ready - Danish Education 1, 2 or 3


CLAVIS' expectations:


  • A steady attendance level of a minimum 85%
  • That you participate actively during lessons
  • That you do your homework
  • Ongoing feedback and evaluation from you / Tell us how were doing!
  • That you attend the mandatory module test

Contact a counsellor for more information 
You are always welcome to contact one of the counsellors at CLAVIS to discuss your options.

Department Manager

Pernille Hvalsøe Kjær
Phone. +45 22 40 29 99  

Would you like to be a student?

Before you start your Danish Education at CLAVIS, we invite you to an interview in order to evaluate which of the three Danish educations and which of the six modules suits you the best. When you start at CLAVIS you will receive all relevant information and guidance regarding your Danish education – along with time frames for your tuition, module tests, exams etc.