Do you prefer flexibility and comfort? – here are the benefits of learning Danish online

If there is one thing, we have learned from COVID-19 it is that online teaching is here for good. Long before COVID-19 shut down everything, CLAVIS offered online teaching because it provided the best learning option for many students. And even though the reason for choosing online teaching is different for every person, we have listed five great reasons as to why online teaching is a great choice.


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  • Flexibility – is the most common reason why people choose online teaching as you can receive online teaching wherever you are. Maybe you can’t return from work before the teaching begins? Why not join the teaching online from your workplace. Maybe you are travelling a lot and would like to receive teaching from the hotel room? Also, a lot of parents can’t get a sitter and, for this reason, choose to receive online teaching while staying at home.

  • Undisturbed teamwork – is achieved through ‘breakout-rooms’. It provides a nice opportunity for teamwork in smaller groups, without being disturbed by everyone around you and your group. ‘Breakout rooms’ lets your teamwork take place in a more undisturbed and intimate way, compared to when it takes place in a classroom, where the buzz and other people might disturb you. So, if you want full focus on your teamwork – also in smaller groups – then online teaching might be for you.

  • Rewatch the lessons – when you are learning something new. It is nice to get some of all the new things that you learn repeated, and when you receive online teaching, you have the opportunity to rewatch all the lessons. If you have been prevented from participating in the online teaching, you know that you wouldn’t miss out on any progression as you will be able to watch the lessons. You will also be able to be extra prepared for the next lesson – and of course the exam – as you can re-watch all lessons as many times as you would like to.

  • Save time and transport – as you might not live near a language center. Or maybe you just want to go straight home before joining the teaching. No matter what, you will be able to save the time spend on transportation, and you can quickly go from sitting in front of the screen to lying comfortable on the sofa.

  • Convenience – is the key. Let’s be honest, it is nice and cozy to work or study in sweatpants and sipping your favorite tea or coffee - from your favorite cup. And all the above points pool together to provide you with the most convenient form of teaching.


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In the end though, it is up to you if you wish to choose online teaching or not. However, if you need some extra flexibility and convenience to make sure learning Danish doesn’t clash with your everyday life, then online teaching could be the right choice.


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