"It has become easier to go to work"

The pride was not to be hidden, and the corona-distance meant that there was plenty of room for the extra wide smiles when Zohra and Anissa, on Thursday 22nd of October, received their certificate for completing a specially organized FVU course for employees in children's institutions in Copenhagen municipality. Even though the corona-shutdown has led to a break in the teaching, they both completed the course successfully.


In the daytime Zohra works at a kindergarten called Børnejunglen, and Anissa works in a nursery called Cismofytten – both located at Nørrebro.


The course has focused on strengthening the multilingual employees' Danish skills in their daily work.


“I always say; after we came to Denmark, and when we’re having a hard time, I think why it is that we are such wise people in our home land, and then we come here and get the feeling of “being stupid or? ” - it has been difficult for us, ”explains Zohra.


One can always get wiser 

The course has helped them both a lot, and they have been thrilled about it:


"It has been really good," says Anissa, and Zohra explains, that no matter what education you have, you can always get better and smarter.


“Even if you are educated pedagogue or assistant, you always need to refresh some things in your memory. In our everyday life we all know how it should be, but to refresh some professional approaches - we all need that,” says Zohra, and Anissa elaborates:


“I had problems writing a journal at work, but now I have started writing because I learned some professional words that I had forgotten from my education. It reappeared after the course,” explains Anissa.


Both Zohra and Anissa believe that the course has had a great impact on their work.


"When we participated in a meeting, there were words that needed to be explained, but now I have expanded my vocabulary," Zohra explains and continues:

"It has become easier to go to work now.”