Danish for employees

Danish lessons aimed at foreign employees 
Why is Danish tuition important? For most companies, communication and communicative skills are of great significance. Inadequate language skills and linguistic misunderstandings might be in the way of work processes, agreements, and opportunities. To the employer, learning the Danish language is the key to a sense of community at work and in private life. From the employer’s point of view, learning the Danish language might lead to a higher employee retention rate.  


Goals for the employees’ Danish Education program
All courses are organized so that the employees in the shortest possible time and with the best possible results pass the module tests and the final examination. 


At CLAVIS we offer different types of teaching; from group based classes to time-place independent teaching. Please, find the offer that fits your employees' needs: 


Danish Education - Group based classes at a CLAVIS location or at your employees' workplace 

CLAVIS Online - teacher supported self-studies (DU3) and Classes with physical attendance or video conference based teaching and the opportunity to stream and rewatch lessons 

Classes take place in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening on Saturdays at CLAVIS or at the workplace 





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