Danish for employees

The teaching is aimed at companies who experience that foreign employees are more quiet than their colleagues, they are seeking the company of equal non-Danish speakers during the lunch break, or maybe they have to be persuaded a little bit to participate in the company party.

There might be several reasons to consider Danish lessons at the workplace - there is, naturally, the academic aspect, and besides that, there are the social and cultural aspects. Danish for employees will improve all these aspects.


Danish for employees - Danish at your workplace is for you who:

  • experience that your foreign employees don't participate in the conversations in the lunch break.
  • wants to equip your foreign employees to participate socially at your workplace
  • wants to create a more social and including work environment.


A lot of companies in Denmark use English as their company language, therefore, they don't realize that their employees need to learn Danish. However, for those of your employees who do not speak Danish, it might be harder to socialize e.g. in the cafeteria, by the coffee machine, etc.


Where and how?

Based on your needs, we will plan a Danish course that matches you as a company. We offer Danish lessons either at your company, in one of our departments, or online. The teachings will take place 1-2 times a week with 2 lessons with a break between them. The time is customized to you and your employees. 


What does it cost?

Read more about the prices for Danish lessons here (in Danish).


Get in touch with us

If you want to hear more about Danish lessons to your foreign employees, then feel free to contact us.


Why should your employees learn Danish?

Do you experience that your foreign employees aren’t participating in the conversations during the lunch break or by the coffee machine to the same degree as your Danish employees? Even if you don’t experience problems with the language in the daily workflow, it might have an impact on the social aspect of the workplace, if an employee doesn’t feel comfortable with the Danish language.

Even if your corporate language is English the language in the lunchroom can quickly switch to Danish. Danish for employees is Danish lessons at your workplace for those of your employees who need that bit extra, so they can follow the conversation during lunch.



Danish culture at the workplace

Besides the linguistic aspect, there are also the cultural understanding. The way of being polite in one culture may be considered rude in another. CLAVIS offers a linguistic upgrade, which also considers what is being sad between the lines, which can be difficult to grasp. Denmark is one of those countries where the social culture, both at work and in the society, might be hard to comprehend completely.


Danish lessons at your workplace are relevant for all companies who has foreign employees. We take care of the words that can help get the conversation going, and make sure, that the social connection between all colleagues will get a boost.



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