FVU Danish

København, Aarhus, Roskilde, Ringsted & Holbæk

Improve your skills in reading, spelling and written work. The reading and writing course is for people - foreigners and Danes - who already understand and speak Danish well, but who wish to improve their skills in reading, spelling and writing.

The reading and writing course is a preparatory adult education programme (in Danish "Forberedende Voksenundervisning",  called FVU) in 4 steps. All steps involve reading, writing and spelling.

  • Level 1  we focus on spelling of short and simple words, and reading and writing of short texts.
  • Level 2 we take in short every day texts and continue work on reading and writing.
  • Level 3 we take the grammar to the next level, and we read different text genres, and we work on expressing ourselves more precisely.
  • Level 4 we primarily work with written Danish, and we write texts with professional or technical content. Level 4 can be preperatory for studies or support the student. It can improve ones knowledge of Danish and qualify for written work assignments such as writing reports.

Before the course begins we will invite you to a personal interview to determine if FVU is right for you and select the step in which you will begin.

Tuition twice a week. Each level consists of 40-80 lessons. Each level can be completed with a test - we have FVU tests up till four times a year.

Time and place
CLAVIS teaches FVU Danish at our locations in  København, Aarhus, Roskilde, Ringsted & Holbæk and at workplaces.
Lessons can take place during the day, evening or weekend and online. Courses are filled on ongoing basis.

FVU is free of charge. If you have a job, your employer can apply for SVU (Statens Voksenuddannelsesstøtte) as financial compensation for the work hours that you will spend at the FVU course.




København, Roskilde, Ringsted & Holbæk
Hanne Salling Norberg
Phone: 41 73 81 25
Email: hgs@clavis.org

Anette Foged Christensen
Phone: 41 73 81 85
Email: afoc@clavis.org


FVU Companies & Education institutions
Mariann Horsted Rolsted
Phone: 31 72 68 60
Email: mhr@clavis.org


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