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NB: Sign up for the Danish language proficiency test is closed!

You can sign up for the Proficiency Test (Studieprøven) if you have finished module 6 at Danish Education 3.   


IMPORTANT INFORMATION - signing up and payment:

It is important to be aware that if you pay via MobilePay or via bank transfer, then you also have to registrate your participation at one of our secretaries in the department. If you pay online at our website it will also be registered as a sign up.


NB: The result for the written exam will be given after your oral exam. You have to contact the reception to get the result.


November / December 2020

Proficiency Test (Studieprøven):
November 16th

Oral examination:
December 7th-18th

Registration deadline:
2020, September 7th


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Fee 2020
The fee for the Proficiency Test is DKK 833 for the written part and DKK 833 for the oral part.

Payment terms


The Proficiency Test is required for admission at GIF, HF and higher education.


From good Danish to excellent Danish - join our Proficiency Test course

If you have completed Danish Education 3 and you wish to develop your Danish skills even further then the Proficiency Test is a possibility.

Aim of the course

The Proficiency Test course involves near-native speaker knowledge of Danish language and culture. The purpose of the Proficiency Test course is to enable students to express themselves in proficient written and spoken Danish with a very high level of accuracy.

The goal is to be able to participate in political debates and to develop the necessary skills in order to attend a higher education or to fill a knowledge based position in the Danish work market.

A broad knowledge of the Danish Language and Danish society will be attained. Students will be capable of a relevant language usage in a varity of context both in speaking and writing. Furthermore, the students will develop their argumentation and reasoning skills.

Time and place 
CLAVIS currently offers The Proficiency Test in CLAVIS Copenhagen and Roskilde twice a week for 3 lessons. Classes can take place in the morning, afternoon, evening or during weekends. Read more about the course

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Marian Høxbroe
Phone: +45 4173 8103
Email: msh@clavis.org

Virginija Gerulé
Phone: 41 73 81 55
Email: vig@clavis.org 

Maria Tornslev
Phone: +45 4173 8181
Email: mato@clavis.org



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