Free Danish for International students

International students can receive free tuition in Danish. The courses will be an addition to your life as a student. Through these courses, you will also be able to meet other international students from across the campus.


Free Danish Education (DU3)
Danish Education (DU3) is targeted towards students who have learned a foreign language and/or are used to study at an academic level.


The course will focus on:

  • Correct Danish pronunciation
  • Oral proficiency – language skills for your everyday life
  • Writing proficiency (on the higher modules)

These courses are available for foreign students who are at pre-intermediate, intermediate or advanced level of Danish. The Danish Education covers a total of six modules. Each module is completed with a test. You have to pass the test before continuing on the next module. The Danish Education can be completed with a final exam.


General informations - where and when?

  • Twice a week for 2 hours in the late afternoon
  • At CLAVIS or at your educational institution
  • Part of the learning process is facilitated online. If you are not able to attend all classes, you will still be able to follow the progression.


Course start
Classes will be established throughout the year.



Deposit: The deposit of 2.000 DKK must be paid prior to course start. The full deposit will be reimbursed when you complete the modules with a test within a certain timeframe or when you take the final exam. Read more about rules for reimbursement of deposit.

Vouchers: Foreign employees and students will be assigned to a Vouchers system with one voucher pr. module.

NB! You have to pay deposit prior to course start Payment terms



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Foundation course at RUC





Roskilde / Risø
Course Manager
Annemette Skott-Hansen

Roskilde / RUC
Course Coordinator
Helle Camilla Aistrup


Phone: +45 4173 8100


Simone Rams Rasmussen
Phone: +45 4173 8187


Phone: +45 41 73 81 00

Phone: +45 41 73 81 00




Would you like to be a student?

Before you start your Danish Education at CLAVIS, we invite you to an interview in order to evaluate which of the three Danish educations and which of the six modules suits you the best. When you start at CLAVIS you will receive all relevant information and guidance regarding your Danish education – along with time frames for your tuition, module tests, exams etc.