Free FVU courses for employees

Do you wish to put your employees first? Professional development of employees helps fulfilling the companysobjective to put the employee firstWe offer free courses in Danish, math, english, digital and assistance in the handling of dyslexia. This results in a professional competence boost which is beneficial both employees as well as the company.  


The courses in FVU Danish (readingspelling, and written presentation) and in maths are aimed at employees who wish to improve their readingspellingwriting, and calculation skills or to receive tools and strategies to handle dyslexia 


Course information 

All courses are divided into modules to make sure that each participant receives lessons corresponding to their level. A course consists of a minimum of 40 lessons of 45 minutesNormally, the classes take place once a weekthree lessons at a time. However, it can be arranged according to your needs and your employeesdaily schedule 


FVU Danish
FVU Math
FVU English
FVU Digital

For dyslectic students 


The classes may take place at a CLAVIS location in Roskilde, Copenhagen and Aarhus or at the employeesworkplace. It can either be in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening or on Saturdays.


Mariann H. Rolsted

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