Learn Danish online

At CLAVIS you can learn Danish online. There is a lot of benefits to learning Danish online if you have a busy everyday life or if you do not live close to our language schools in either Copenhagen, Aarhus, Roskilde, or if you are currently abroad.


With online education twice a week you will not only get the opportunity to learn Danish online by certified and talented teachers, you will also get the flexibility of a Danish education that fits into your everyday life.


It may also be, that you are abroad or otherwise unable to attend your Danish education for a shorter or longer period. You are then able to switch from your regular class tuition to learning Danish via online course. When you are able to join classroom tuition again you can switch back. Feel free to ask your teacher or our secretariat about your options.


Many of our students have a busy everyday live where job, family, and social life must fit in. That is why it might be a good idea to customize your tuition by learning Danish online without compromising the quality of the teaching.


With CLAVIS online you will receive your tuition whenever and wherever.




Learn Danish online – whenever and wherever


You can learn Danish online no matter where you are in the world. It can be at the office, in your kitchen, or at a hotel room early in the morning before a meeting. The only thing it takes is a computer and an internet connection.


Besides getting the certified Danish Education you will also receive a lot of tips from your teacher about how to practice and learn Danish faster. Read more about tips and tricks to learn Danish here.



Combine Danish Education online with tuition in the classroom

If you want to get tuition in the classroom or socialize with your classmates, but you can’t show up to every tuition, then you have the option of blended learning. With CLAVIS blended or CLAVIS Global you have the opportunity to mix classroom tuition and learning Danish online.





With CLAVIS Global you can choose to join your classmates in a real classroom or stream real time online. In the classroom there is a lot of cameras and microphones so you can join the tuition online maybe from home or work and participate in live communication with your classmates and your teacher. The classroom is equipped with a screen with live pictures of those of you who are participating in the tuition online. In that way you will get the feeling that you are in the "real" classroom – even though you might be at the other side of the world.




CLAVIS blended

With CLAVIS blended you can receive tuition in the classroom and also learn Danish online. The tuition is scheduled twice a week – once a week in the classroom and once a week online. This is beneficial for you if you can’t show up at our language school twice a week and need some flexibility in your everyday life.




Get an insight in our online classes with this video. 


Our teachers have extensive experience teaching online and they have a strong focus on your progression.


If you want to learn Danish online and want to know more about our different online offers you are very welcome to contact us. Together we will find the type of Danish classes which suits you the best.




For further information please contact one of our departments in Roskilde, Aarhus, Ringsted or Holbæk